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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MY HAIR PEACE (pun intended)

^^^^Consider this video reading music^^^^

So what of race, gender, and beauty?

How can I expand my understanding of beauty when every example I see is one dimensional? From TV screens to big screens, from catwalks to sidewalks, from magazines to books I witness a construction constructed by narrow minds that are restricted to one look. The world can see all things as beautiful in so many ways except for a black woman. Demoralized and hypersexualized  regardless of where shes going or where she's coming from. If we want to feel beautiful we have to begin within. This is why black women have so many diverse appearances. We can't go to a teen magazine or turn our TV sets on during prime time. We have to be our own guiding influences. We have to build our own sense of beauty in our minds. Right?

You're too black. You're not black enough. You're too thick. Your hair is too rough. Your lips are too full.  Your nose is too wide. Your ass is too round. Your personality is too live. You need a breast reduction. So much antagonizing that to survive we have to incorporate an attitude and a walk that says fuck it...so we don't have to verbalize it and you still get the gist. White people were afraid of us back in the 60s when we pumped our fists, so we changed it up and put the emphasis in our switch. My walk is mean because my frustration resides in my hips. 

Alarming how a numerical minority convinced the majority of the world to reject nearly everything about their culture and crave conformity over preservation of uniqueness. People are either not allowed or too afraid to flaunt their individuality, which forces so many to live in bleakness.

Exclusive to blackness, is the emphasis on our hair. Relaxed, pressed, blown straight,flat-ironed, braided, dreaded, or left to dangle in its untouched state. Whatever your choice, people will scrutinize you for it. Those who adore it will love it. Those who hate it will say some earsplitting things to get you to change it, rearrange it, unstain or restain it. 

How I wear my hair makes people emotional. It can make them feel warmer toward me or make them turn cold. Inspire them to open their arms to embrace me or make them fold. 

I really want to know how a black woman wearing her hair in its natural state became stigmatized to the point that women would rather succumb to hazardous chemicals that result in chemical burns and hair loss or a pressing comb responsible for heat damage, hair melting, grease popping, and scalp burns. Everyday, women participate in all that in the name of a silky wrap.They would rather live check to check and spend a stack or more on a weave than wear their own hair for free instead. It has become undesirable, unfashionable, unthinkable even, for a black woman to wear her hair as it grows out of her head. So much so that those who do are considered rebels or revolutionaries...for doing absolutely nothing in the face of scrutiny, discrimination, and the complementary stereotypes.


  1. I feel you on that. Black women and their hair is one of those hot-button issues that will always create a stir. The topic has picked up a bit of steam lately, especially in light of movies like Chris Rock's "Good Hair" and such. I do however, see an increase in the interest of going natural, it's almost becoming a fad with some. I wonder how long it'll last.

  2. Appreciate your feedback! I actually, have way too many hair convos with ppl on a daily! Everybody has something to say about my hair. I'm like its just hair, but its really not is it? Its associated with so many things e.g., racism, self hatred, a history of so many things. Who knew hair could hold such power. lbvs

    Why do I keep hearing men speak of black women wearing their hair natural as a fad/fashion trend? Don't you find that funny that women wearing their hair naturally is considered abnormal when its the "natural" thing to do?

  3. "If we want to feel beautiful we have to begin within."

    Easier said than done. If you could market this in a product form that could make profit for someone the world would be a very beautiful place. However, true beauty is running a distant second to the big industry.

    "From TV screens to big screens, from catwalks to sidewalks, from magazines to books I witness a construction constructed by narrow minds that are restricted to one look."

    Unfortunately this(look better industry)is the beast people must overcome. Insecurit is at an all time high and health & beauty products are too. :/

  4. Thanks for the insight Michael:)Everyone woman just wants to be beautiful, but when the definition of beauty is the opposite of what you are then you can do some crazy things to get there. I just want diversity to be more than a word people use when trying to recruit for students or employment. Lets make beauty diverse. Lets attack the "beast" by issuing our own flair into style.

  5. I agree. Even those who alot of people would think of as "beautiful" (i.e. Hiedi Montag from the hills)can be affected by the need to look better. It's sad really. And I hope this was just a topic and not a personal topic because believe me when I say you have NOTHING to worry about in the looks department.