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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loving You Is Like

You see loving you is the eighth deadliest sin. Like parting the Red Sea and while I'm walking through it caves in. Loving you should've been one of the Jew-Christian God's commandments. He should've made loving you number eleven. It should've read, Thou shall not love this man ever. For he will speak the language of fools but you will only hear it as clever.

Loving you is like inhaling water & drinking smoke. Like snorting lies & telling coke. Its like crossing my pride & swallowing my eyes. Like spreading my war & waging thighs. Its like crying fears & swallowing tears. Like piercing dreams & following ears. Its like paying scents & smelling rent. Loving you don't make no damn sense...when it doesn't. But when it does...

I know what you're going to say before you speak it. Know what you're looking for before you seek it. I would have my tongue removed before I told one of your secrets. You're my reason for being. Why I watch what I be eating. And why I actually get rest when I'm sleeping. I can feel your heart beating...in MY chest.

And I think that's because you're the 5th element. Or maybe our ancestors made a covenant that transcended our current government. From the slave trade to the world trade they never wanted our sons to grow to men in fear that they'd reproduce & revolutionize against them. But me & you...

We live in a dichotomy passed to us from generation to generation throughout nations we've been a part of. That's why our love is our love. Which is why I can go from loving you being the 8th deadliest sin to loving you making nothing but GOT-damn sense.

Loving you is my state of being. Its the pupils I look through when I'm seeing. The fingers I use when I'm feeling. The nose I use to smell. The tongue I use to tell...the world...that loving you is like...its like...eating from the tree of life & learning that I possess the ability to give life. Like going from the bedroom to the hallway to the stairs. Loving u is like that insurance ad "LikeAGoodNeighborStateFarmIsThere" with a last first kiss...on the lips...from a gem. Its bliss. Its perfect. I like loving you.

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