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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pillow Talk

I long for conversations with the opposite sex that don't turn into conversations about having sex. Can we be on some intellectual shit? Let's take that walk Jill Scott was singing about “...we could talk about Revelations 3:17…"

I mean yeah I have my favorite positions & I've been a bit promiscuous. Chains, whips, handcuffs, and shit. Some of that, some of this, but can we sit & talk about what the game's been missing? We could start w/college tuition…

…or how there are out of date books in inner city & rural schools. Tools used to generate a generation of fools. No invites asking our youths Who's Who? Only option left to choose is to attend a Charter School, but what good is that going do when young minds have already been groomed to not see life past their own stoops?

Don't you think something’s gone wrong when black men celebrate singing songs like Kanye #2 - College Dropout- because the odds were against them for living that long? 25?! Really?! We should be laughing this off as just plain ol’ silly. "Jokes on you I'm still aliiive!"

Let's talk about how mothers are raising their children under the same roof but instilling different roots. Son's rendered to sow their oats in daughters who are taught to tell them no. A paradox created to find balance between the rhetoric of the strong minded and the weak hearted. Let's talk about how this nonsense started.

How the only feminism a young girl needs to believe in begins with equipping herself with the knowledge to become Miss Independent & ending with some children dependent on a husband. Surely you can imagine why I'm struggling to overstand this.

I can picture it. Us laying in bed crisscrossed by our legs symbolic of the way we're locked in each others heads. We could discuss how many men have said, they don't want a whore, but leave the club every weekend with at least 3 or 4. Seems they're always quick to cuff the slut wearing too much make-up! But what's even more, is that in intellectual circles they're the 1st to bring it up as a topic to explore.

I know when you're used to dealing with hoes its easy to grow complacent but I'm just saying, there's nothing cool about making how many ways you'd like to take it as a part of our initial conversation. You see caking, involves multiple ingredients, if I can use a metaphor to make my case then, you're going to need more than just some flour if it’s my cake you trying to bake. And if u can make this happen then I can arrange it so I'll be in your pan rising for every occasion.

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