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Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know

In case you didn’t know: Parents cannot raise their sons and daughters on different platforms as if they're not interconnected and then act surprised when they grow up unable to form healthy connections. Teaching that men and women are innately different, and preparing them for adulthoods with parallel missions, makes for neither ever learning how to work with the other. As children they're never taught that they are sisters and brothers; metaphorically of the same womb. Grow up in the same rooms, but groomed to battle their own nation. Because of this, sex has become and therefore is just an outlet for their frustrations, and somehow at the same time a basis for those frustrations. How will children grow to know better if parents never teach their children that together they can do better? Instead the message of independence is taught to sons and daughters such that cohesion is a gremlin never to be watered by children who become mothers & fathers who nourish their children with it as if its soup.

But you should know there’s always greater variance within groups than between groups; which means that men have more in common with women than other men. But we’ve all been raised on mistruths and as youths grew up under the impression that the opposite sex is best for sex and that our support should mainly come from our own crew.

Just in case you didn’t know: You cannot love if you have not been loved. They say you can’t love somebody else if you don’t love yourself. This is true, but before that you must be loved. You have to know what it feels like to be enveloped in a comforting hug and what it feels like to be told that you're loved. You have to know what it feels like to see that genuine look in someone’s eyes when they tell you you're irreplaceable, untradeable. You can't love yourself if you're unable to see the beauty in you through someone elses labels. You will never have beautiful eyes, a smile that lights up a room, or an aura that has its own tune if no one ever uses these descriptions to depict you. So the next time you spot a beauty, make it your duty to tell them the truth: My eyes wouldn't be worth having if I couldn't use them to look at you.

In case you didn’t know: Men must stop promoting themselves based on men at the bottom of the barrel. As long as you're using the worst of men to compare yourself to you'll always come out better than. And you'll always be mad when I make my comparisons. You see I'm looking at the cream of the crop which makes you lesser than aka a lesser man. And the question is, does your definition of a man resemble mine? Does it flourish in the nourishment of your counterpart through time or does it only offer a drought? Can I eat it and survive or will I have to spit it out my mouth? You should note that I’m not looking for the iced out...blinged out...rimmed up. I’m not checking in the mirror to see if I’m showing enough to attract an arrogant fool who's consumed with appearing to be tough. Truth stands that at the end of the day our physical attraction isn’t going to be enough, so I need to know if you can keep up in a conversation? Do I have to keep stopping and explaining concepts or defining terms simple enough for a 5th grader?

I need to know if you care about being found in God's favor. That you can adapt to different situations, be versatile, make dealing with ya flaws worthwhile. And I need to know that if I’m down...and I do get down...You can turn my frown upside down with something as simple as your smile. And if something is bothering you, I need you to know which numbers to dial. Mine. Not Keishas. Not Melanies. Not your ex girl you're trying to make ya next girl! But mine!!

Just in case you didn’t know: Everyone deserves to be loved. This includes you! Even if you look like your mother crossed with a different species, you should be treated like you’re the beez neez. Because just as Marsha sings, love isn’t to be earned: it’s deserving. Someone should feel blessed every time that you breathe. Excited to claim you and tell the world you're that taste of fantasy they were blessed to experience in reality. Singing songs in the shower full of notes they'll never reach because you're their piece of peace. Thinking about you makes them think that they can do anything. They should be motivated by your unique intricacies and feel like being with you is what makes everything everything. Such so that settling down isn’t about marrying an ordained King or Queen but realizing that royalty resides in every human being.

In case you still don’t know: The way we raise our children will impact their decisions in adulthood. You wouldn’t know love if no one ever loved you. A man who always looks beneath him for his positioning will always look good. And it is true, no one deserves to be loved more than you!

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