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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have to reach out and grab what is left of my sanity. I float away in the realization that I will never be a me because being an individual is not what I'm trying to be. I listen to preachers preach, read what scholars write, hear charismatic leaders give speech in their plea for us to rise up and fight BUT What happens when I can't be reached? When I've tried all this but have not found peace? When I hear children speak and they think that people are naturally greedy and profits are all they seek? Who will tell them that this isn't how it has to be? Perhaps, I could start with this piece...

They sold my ancestors into this free market economy. Told them that they could have free reign if they became a living commodity. A price was put on their souls and they were bought and sold for centuries and then it came down to me. My teachers taught me that communism was an ultimate breech of loyalty to my country. Lied to me about my history; my roots. Hey, I put on my boots and rode the route to school everyday in hopes that I could get an A in absorbing their truths. Its crazy how owners of corporations get to distort my education, synthesize eugenicist rhetoric into practice and pay me minimum wage so I have to decide which bills to pay and simultaneously keep from filling myself with rage. Its funny, because I didn't always see it this way.

I remember, I wanted to be rich. But never knew what that really meant, what it would take to attain that status, or what it meant to have it. Then I learned that I would have to exploit the same people I claimed to assist. My employees would have to make me their god just to pay their rents and be lucky to receive the packaged deal I'd offer as benefits. And if they failed to acknowledge me as their savior or in any form were to resist then I would have the power to prosecute them as bums, thieves, trespassers, and addicts. After realizing this, I didn't have much further to get before I got a grip on the level of detriment that persists. Now I'm in a position to show just what privilege is: a continued perpetuation of this notion that capitalism is the magic potion used to fix and uplift those who crave dominion over the direction of souls and spirits!

My culture is cultivated by capitalistic greed and abuse but I'm criticized for speaking out against its misuse. Just what am I expected to do when the powerful create inferiorities in any people who challenge their truths? Then initiate political & economical statutes to make their accusations appear to be true? Oh what a major production to convince your slaves that they could one day be like you! Such that I'm blessed by God if I find economic success but success under capitalism can only be derived via exploitation and duress, suppressed creativity, but nevertheless, my country is the best country in the world and I'm unpatriotic if I don't buy into the rhetoric and am willing to fight for it!

When did working oneself into poor health situations become the motto of a nation? When did practicing exploitation become the defining factor of civilization such that if I care about my neighbors, capitalists will slaughter my generation to remove collectivity and humanism from the equation? At what point did a free market economy peak to such a degree that maintaining it is more important than whether or not millions get to eat? Or whether my voice can be echoed by use of a microphone when I speak? Why should I, as a human being, have to "occupy" anything?

The number of homeless derived from deregulation continue to increase, but those who cause it only see lazy crazy people sleeping in and polluting "their" streets. Then have the nerve to tell poor people that if they don't work they don't eat. And poor people internalize and subscribe to it, then refuse to help those in greater need. And the gap continues to grow out of control and greater disparities are reached. But the ability to consume heals all wounds so folks still walk around unable to see that the way things are isn't how they have to be. Getting involved is how problems get solved. Doing nothing is how they evolve. I've heard excuses from those who think they're too weak to walk the walk, let alone speak, but you can't think in terms of a lost because living on your feet is better than living on your knees any day of the week!

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