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Thursday, March 22, 2012


A bit of a prelude: My 1st year of graduate school I started researching lynching in the U.S. This research led me to other forms of social control. As a part of my work on genocide, I discovered rape as a weapon of war. Upon getting deeper into the practice, I found that rape has been used throughout history in all wars and conflicts. I had an overall disgust in the cultural allowances for this practice regardless of place or time, but more particularly in the way the women were treated post the conflict. This piece is for every woman who has been or who will be dehumanized and disregarded in the name of a fight for power and resources; which just so happens to be all conflicts.

Spread 'em
Or I will spread them for you

And I will send in 3 more

Get pregnant
And I will kill it for you
Or your family will disown you
Because your child will not be of you

And I will only ignore

Cry harder
And I will watch you suffer

Tell anyone
And I will deny it forever more
For no one would believe a whore
Because civilized men would never use rape as a weapon of war


  1. Wow! Oh the irony indeed of a poet who proclaims she is not a poet! :-) This is a very powerful piece!! When do I get the book? Still waiting!!!xoxo Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'll write a book when you write one friend. You're far more talented than I ever will be. Matter fact, where's your blog?!?

  3. Girl, why I'm just now seeing ur comment! I thought I was signed up 2ur blog, it shld notify me of these things shldnt it lol anywho, girl, u flatter me really but a blog?...nall...I have little 2nothing 2say...or maybe its that no one wld really care lol nonetheless, I lack consistency with such things so it wldnt prosper the way it shld so I guess that's why I don't have one. Bad, I know! Well, stay constant hun, love ur voice! It's so strong!