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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Tearing souls from mangled corpses

A crime victim of high esteem
A criminal dehumanized
A brutally committed crime
Disclaimers of how generally this would not be approved
Emphasis on occurrences of black support
A mob performing his duties emotionless
Confessions provided under duress
Belched out in mock trials
No time to prove the truth
Through pleas of innocence
Or pleas of guilt
Either way the wretch was killed
This vigilance was decadent

A spectacle was made

Families participated and watched
The smell of smoked skin entered noses as small as buttons
A trembling voice begged for it all to stop
Ropes and chains thrown over trees
Soaked in gasoline
Prayers ridiculed by cigars in motion
Eyes indulging in all of the commotion
Riddled with bullets
As he burned
Hearts churned in excitement
Crosses raised, palmed, and traced over hearts
First hand assistance from the cops
No one turned away
They all
Just watched

Convictions solidified in the last notions of consciousness

The last word
The last tear
The last twitch
The last breath for anyone to hear
Would not end the event

Sanctions proudly recorded for their place in history

Newspaper clippings
Post cards
And disembodied parts
Preserved complimentary for memorabilia
What is now thought an atrocity
Was not long ago quite familiar

A symbolic rendition

Used to maintain white supremacy
Preserve the aristocracy
Deliver the message of modernity
A warning to deter all forms of competition
A manifestation of one of the darkest forms of hate
A message for no one to debate
It was clear
Anyone listening could hear

The screams of the alleged criminal in their head
The sound of a noose being tied around his neck
Hundreds of bullets aimed up ahead
The heartbeats
As memories are forged that they will never forget
A note attached to his chest
Written in letters that read
Let him serve as a message
And let no nigger forget
Either accept subjugation
Or face elimination instead

***All pictures are copyrighted and attributed to the following: Allen, James., Hilton Als, Congressman John Lewis, and Leon F. Litwack. 2004. Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. Sante Fe, New Mexico: Twin Palms Publishers.


  1. Wow! We must never forget our history and that of our country. My heart prays for and cries out to all those who were killed/murdered this way! We must never forget!thanx for sharing!

  2. Thanks for reading, enjoying, and COMMENTING! Truth be told as long as the people of this world continue to uphold the Western European as the prototype for "human" then collective violence will continue. You're right, we must NEVER forget!

  3. Deep! Good job Evonnia

  4. Thanks for reading...and commenting:-)

  5. The details are what's truly horrific. Most people don't know the details... they know about black people being strung up or shot. The detail shows howit was glorified to do this, how it was "cool". So cool, in fact, we're gonna take this nigger's heart or a portion of his charred body to commemorate this splendid occasion.... i wonder if they mounted heads on their walls