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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exploited Talent

The same music blamed for school shootings, drive bys, disrespect, and a complete disregard of women is used to sell me cars, credit cards, McDonald's French fries & Popeye's fried chicken.

Advertisers exploit thee hell out of hip hop! And artists who resist get dropped from labels daily. Signing contracts, without reading facts, but getting paid for doing what you love sounds good even considering the lack of training. Creativity is held steady which leaves me ever ready for a slow song that doesn’t include the word "baby."

"Hip hop, started out on the block. Now everybody's trying to chart!" --- Billboards & Grammy lists, nominations for awards that don't really mean shit...except a record label was able to recruit you and exploit you...become your pimp. The biggest legends made us get down to the likes of Motown, Def Jam, Columbia, or Uptown. Yet this is where you'll find the most organized criminals around you.

Let's not forget that contract they're bound to.

Those studio fees, costs for distribution, publication, publicist, manager, accountant, entourage, million dollar home, $100,000 car, expensive champagne, name-brand everythang, 1 time only shoes, some tattoos, a few hoes to abuse, a bunch of things they can't pronounce, ecstasy pills, a line of coke, an ounce of dro to smoke, some jail time for an avoidable crime, personal clothing line, a stint in rehab, an absent dad they've recently met or got back in touch with, some stunner shades they wear inside on stage, a wing man who performs the bulk of their songs -along w/the audience who has diligently learned every word in hopes of appearing to be the biggest fan whom the artist will somehow be able to see even though they're 1 in 100,000 in a crowd of hands waving harder than the sea.

And THIS is how hip hop lives as a commodity.

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