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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am an intersectional being.
A conglomeration of imposed categories that reveal my real.
An internalized conception linked to visual perceptions.
Ain't I?
By definition
The antithesis of human.
A representation of fears created and consolidated by a desire for domination.

My power is in the threat I posses.
My womb births the threat of your future.
My education manifests the interpretation of our future.
My child predicts the likelihood of war and peace in the future.

Claims of citizenship are not mine to make.

Imposed pulses mistaken for my heartbeat.
But I am not who they expected.
I am a traveler.
A listener.
A watcher.
I open my ears to hear the voices.
See the earth in all of its forms.
Remember the ones who will never know what I know.
And I know that I know nothing.
Not even me.

I don't even get to know me.

I want to be the voice of reason.
Hear my cry.
Won't you?
While I sing.
While I dance.

I want to identify as a woman and know what that means.
No media.
Unnecessary laws.
By my mothers testimony.
I will defy them all.
Challenge them all.

I will change the way you see me.
I will make you see me.
Open your eyes.
I am here.
Ready to be seen.
Ready to be heard.
Ready to be loved.


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